Psychic Self Defence

Work stress sapping your energy? Frequent arguments at home draining you?
Weakness after interacting with certain people?

All these are symptoms of psychic contamination or signs that someone has encroached your sacred space. If your home is no longer a sanctuary or your workplace has become a psychic battlefield, then this course is definitely for you!

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui reveals powerful, psychic self-defence techniques, some of which have been practiced by ancient spiritual teachers and martial arts masters.

It’s just like GMCKS says: a white cloth which is put in red dye will take on the colour red. The same goes with the principle of our auras constantly being in a big stressful city – we have to shield ourselves psychically to avoid picking up negative thoughts and emotions.

This special course offers simple effective and practical remedies to psychic problems encountered today.


The Psychic Self Defence workshop includes:

  • Closing the aura to prevent intrusions.

  • Understanding how psychic attacks are launched and how you can protect yourself from them.

  • Placing a protective aura around your business to ensure prosperity.

  • Protecting your business and finances from envious competitors and their negative vibes.

  • Safeguarding your children's precious and innocent consciousness from preying entities of drugs and negative programming from peers.

  • Practicing advanced psychic self-defence techniques, specifically for healers.

  • Shielding your personal belongings, including your financial assets.

  • Multi-dimensional shielding for protection on the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical planes.

  • Putting remedies into place for attacks that have already penetrated your energy fields.

  • Using the power of love to get an angry psychic assailant on your side.

  • Building up sufficient energy for your shield and combining the energy with visualisation and intent for optimum protection.

  • Using the ancient Magic Circles Ritual to receive comprehensive protection from angels, masters and teachers.

  • Scanning the strength and integrity of your shields so that you know they’re in place and working.

  • Experience inner peace and calmness in the midst of a chaotic work or home environment.

  • Stopping ``Psychic Vampires`` from draining your precious life force.

  • Learning why the traditional bubble of white light does not hold up in the real world of psychic warfare, and why the Pranic Psychic Self Defence shield is more effective.

  • Learning why improper shielding could cause a person to think he or she is under psychic attack by nobody else but themselves and more.

Who can attend the Pranic Psychic Self Defense class?

Anyone who has successfully completed the Pranic Psychotherapy class can attend.

How long is the class?

The Pranic Psychic Self Defense class is 1 full day, usually from 9am-6pm.