Pranic Psychotherapy

In today’s day and age, nobody has truly escaped stress, grief, anger and other negative thoughts.
Hectic schedules and an overwhelming need to balance relationships and lives often cause many people to have serious lifestyle diseases. Sometimes, people take up smoking or other ways to deal with stress. In today’s fast paced world, there is a need to get things done perfectly. With that comes a barrage of expectations, which causes poor self esteem, guilt and other problems. And too many people crack from pressure.

Pranic Psychotherapy is an amazing tool to deal with such issues. The class teaches you the application of Pranic Healing techniques for healing and alleviating emotional and mental imbalances. Negative emotions and traumatic experiences are essentially negative thought forms and emotional energies lodged in the aura and in the critical energy centres. These energies are often difficult to release, requiring months or even years of traditional psychotherapy to experience any improvement. But Pranic Psychotherapy offers you the ability to quickly and safely release these crippling energetic patterns.


The Pranic Psychotherapy Healing workshop includes:

  • Self-healing for stress, tension, irritability, grief and anxiety.

  • Eliminating negative programming acquired during childhood that could be holding you back from success.

  • Healing for compulsive behaviors, phobias, addictions to smoking, alcohol, drugs, food and sugar, and even depression.

  • Removing the negative influences (e.g., envy, jealousy, anger, etc.) of other people around you.

  • Repairing Damaged or Cracked Protective webs in the chakras to prevent future intrusions And More.

Who can attend the Pranic Psychotherapy class?

Anyone who has successfully completed the Advanced Pranic Healing class can attend.

How Long is the Class?

Usually 16 – 20 hours, depending on the capacity of the students. The class can be spread over 2 days from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM. You have options of Weekend Classes or Attending over Weekdays.