Basic Pranic Healing

It all begins with the Basic Pranic Healing class.
The foundation for all other courses to follow, the Basic class enables you to understand concepts and laws of energy in a comprehensive yet simplified manner.
Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui’s forte is throwing clarity and light on so called abstruse subjects.
The ‘cookbook’ approach taken by GMCKS empowers new students to easily acquire their Pranic Healing skills.
As with all workshops of GMCKS, each session is experiential, immersive and lots of fun.

What Ailments Can Be Healed?

Basic Pranic Healing is highly effective in treating simple ailments like coughs and colds to severe or chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Pranic Healing can also be used in removing stress.


The Basic Pranic Healing workshop includes:

  • Knowledge of the energy body

  • Uses of the chakras

  • How to scan or feel energy

  • How to heal yourself & others

  • Breathing techniques to increase energy (Pranayam)

  • Laws of energy and karma

  • Twin Hearts Meditation - A powerful tool to raise your consciousness and to cleanse, energize and illuminate your soul

  • Mental, emotional & physical recharging methods

  • Distant Pranic Healing And More.

Who can attend the Basic Pranic Healing class?

Anyone above the age of 16 & a willingness to learn.

How Long is the Class?

Usually 16 – 20 hours, depending on the capacity of the students. The class can be spread over 2 days from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM. You have options of Weekend Classes or Attending over Weekdays.