The Basic Pranic Healing Course was indeed a beautiful experience. A beautiful journey of understanding human body internally & externally in combination with science, logics, faith, divine & definitely last but not the least but not the least LAW OF KARMAS.A very very big thanks to my mentor Ashita for introducing pranic healing in my…

Milind Gokral

I am really grateful to you for introducing me to Pranic Healing and enriching me. I can say I have found my purpose in life of helping others which gives me internal satisfaction. Looking forward to learning and implementing the techniques taught by you and knowing more from you to heal the world and sow…

Sushmita Kar

Our teachers Ashita ma’am and Daya ma’am taught us some wonderful things which I couldn’t even imagine before.. we are now able to heal others as well ourselves. It’s wonderful to heal others distantly. It’s so great feeling.. I am very grateful to my teachers and Master.


Course was superb and our mentor ashita teaching was superb…learned lots of things from u and u made logics clear too…willing to learn and practice more.

Rujutha Radha

The Basic Pranic Healing Course was comprehension, rigorous and enlightening. The content was precise, well-rounded and easy to grasp. Ashita was very supportive, encouraging and a great instructor. Overall, it was an extremely enriching, positive and uplifting experience leaving us all wanting to know more about Pranic Healing.

Poonam Gandhi

The basic pranic healing course was very very interesting, informative like a suprise package!! it was of 2 days but all the topic was covered in it.I learned so much in these 2 days all thanks to Ashita she made all the theory part so interesting. For us and best part of the course was…

Vrushali Gokral

Thank you so much Ashita for introducing me to life changing experience and techniques…the way you explained everything about Pranic Healing is simply mesmerising. Can not thank you much what value it has been added to my life.